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Solle Brewing

Two crazy brazilian beer lovers and a dutch guy working together to bring new flavours experiences with exotic brazilian ingredients, but not only. We have planned for a long time till we were able to bring our beers all the way from our dreams to your glasses, and that made us also think about “why to bring one more brand into this market, the same market where a new brand is born every day?” And we’ve found that answer. Our brand was born to serve as a bridge between social and environmental problems that may not affect you directly, but if they keep growing like that, they can change the world we know, for the worse. We think that this is not only a government business, we can take action on that and help to create the world we want to live in. We choose to be not only a profit maker, but the voice for those who are not being listened. As our commitment, part of our profit will always gonna be send to verified programs that struggle against the problems we choose to help. And not less important, while we brew and drink great beers!

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Enough of Soft Launches
Enough of Soft Launches

Solle Brewing

Imperial Stout 11.5%

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