Logo van Sibeeria
Plaats Vysočany, Praag
Land Tsjechie
Url Sibeeria


Sibeeria Brewery is a Czech microbrewery that has been brewing since 2014. Fresh ingredients, quality technology and excellent brewer are the main reasons why Sibeeria regularly ranks among the TOP 10 Czech breweries and why it takes away prizes from competitions. Sibeeria offers mostly top-fermented beers - the brewery's flagship is Lollihop IPA - and it's producing a diverse range of beers from the American IPA, through the Belgian Saison and German Weizenbock to the dark English Stout and Porter beers. Sibeeria is not afraid to inspire abroad. In the Czech Republic it was the first brewery to start brewing light and sour Berliner Weisse, as well as one of the first to aged strong beers in wooden barrels.