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Plaats Den Helder
Land NL
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Fruity Monkey Beer

Fruity Monkey Beer offers a range of distinctive, premium fruit beers from its base in Den Helder. Our brewers use luscious, juicy fruits and 98% natural, organic ingredients. Fruity Monkey Beers burst with bold, tropical flavours. Coconut & Vanilla, Passion Fruit, Peach, Raspberry and Strawberry are now available. As well as My Oathkeeper, our Imperial Oatmeal Stout collaboration with France's Piggy Brewing Company. Our distinctive beers offer a crisp, cool, full-bodied bounty of rich succulence. Choice fruits produce sensational, colourful, dessert-like characteristics. So why not relax in a tangy, zesty, citrus sensation packed with natural sweetness and a soft tartness. Imagine enchanting, vivid aromas packed with floral, forest or pine-like fragrances. Fruity Monkey Beer is a Dutch product, brewed in Belgium and enjoyed around the world. A determined international brand. We are an enthusiastic, diverse, multicultural team — 100% female owned and operated.