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Plaats Warschau
Land Polen
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Funky Fluid

Funky Fluid is a craft brewery from Warsaw. It is made up of three people: Michał Langier, Karol Mizielski and Grzegorz Korcz. Michał has been producing beer under the Langier Beer brand for years, Karol has been selling craft beer [and not only] since time immemorial, Grzegorz - organized beer festivals. By the way, as soon as they find time for it, they consume beer together, because that's what it's all about. Funky Fluid brews beers without compromises or shortcuts - heavily hopped IPA, fruit-charged acids, full of additives, essential Imperial Stouts. At the same time - he does not cut himself off from the classics, regularly brewing lagers or dry West Coast IPAs. In 2019, Ratebeer recognized Funky Fluid as the 3rd best new brewery in the world. Bartosz Łukasiewicz and his Thirst agency are responsible for visual identification. Funky Fluid is a non-standard, unusual, unpredictable, non-obvious brewery. One of the leading Polish breweries, available in several countries around the world!