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In the year 2018, six men from the brewing world decided to combine their love of beer and years of experience and thus created Axiom Brewery, basing at Haná in Prostějov (CZ). We brewed our first batch in mid-2019, and during our very first six months immediately climbed to the top of the Ratebeer.com competition for the best new mini-brewery in the Czech Republic. And we had not descend from there even after 2020 and thus defended our ambitions. We adore a wide range of beer styles, all kinds of flavors and fascinating aromas. We experiment and innovate with passion, with one goal in mind. To treat you with traditional and unusual taste experiences. So we brew, test, taste and taste and taste… and now we have already brewed dozens of different beer styles, including the mindblowing Session Mead style, which we brewed in the Czech Republic first and the public reaction was heartwarming. We thank you for this and we promise that we will not give up our mission of bringing you new tastes, and with our love to beer in souls, we will push ourselves beyond our limits. If you also share our love for delicious brews, come join us.