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Georgia Peach
Donkerblond bier met witte schuimkraag die als cola-schuim verdwijnt. Wat een perzik-knaller is dit zeg, zowel in de geur als in de smaak pak ik volle bak perzik. Alsof je een perziksapje drinkt. Mooi vol, fris en licht zurig. Fijn bier!

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Bonbons met likeur :)

Gebrouwen door Austmann uit

Austmann was founded in 2012 by Vinko, Anders and Thomas in an old warehouse by the fjord’s edge in Trondheim, Norway. With limited resources and a big idea, the three founders refinanced the homes of two mothers and one aunt. Backed by freshly borrowed money, a business plan and a little help from their friends, a 9hl brewhouse was built out of recycled dairy equipment and repurposed pumps. The first batch was brewed on July 2nd, 2013. In the first six months of 2014 Austmann won a record number of tenders in the Norwegian wine-monopoly system. These beer releases generated a stream of media attention and launched Austmann into national awareness. Broad distribution through the wine-monopoly made Austmann available throughout Norway. By 2015 the little brewery made of reclaimed dairy equipment was pushing max capacity and the need for further expansion became apparent. This time the investment requirements pushed the envelope of what was possible to borrow by refinancing family homes….the ‘founding mom’s’ politely declined.

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