Over Whiplash

Alan and Alex met while working together at Rye River Brewing Company. Alex a homebrewer with a few steps taken into professional brewing through different previous projects, and Alan - an operations manager coming from a few long stints at large breweries. They built the brewery they were at in break-neck speed but wanted to slow things down a bit with specials. They formed Whiplash as its own company and released a couple of beers in year one to a great reception. Being awarded Beer of the Year by Irish consumers, Best Brewery nods from bloggers, Honest Brew's Breakthrough Brewery award and landing in as Ireland's top rated brewery on Untappd was a serious encouragement to take the project full time. By 2017 both had done just that, leaving behind 24hr shift brewing schedules, meetings in suits and a small part of their minds; for a better and more enjoyable arrangement. Alex doing the brewing, Alan doing the commercials with crossovers wherever they could. 2018 has seen them rent their first premises in their new home in County Wicklow where the guys plan to focus on regular specials and general experimentation unavailable before they had a home. Whiplash beers are now exported to the UK, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands too with more coming up. Quality is always and will always be the focus. Bags of cans the celebrations.

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Session IPA 3.8%

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Alle bieren van Whiplash

Mits de Beer ze kent.

Bier Stijl Alcohol IBU (bitterheid)
SwoonIPA - Imperial / Double80
Surrender to the VoidIPA - Imperial / Double80
Sunshine Under GroundIPA - International50
Smell the GlovePorter - English60
Small MomentsPale Ale - American40
Slow LifeStout - Irish Dry40
Six Million WaysIPA - New England60
Shades of MarbleIPA - Imperial / Double80
Scaldy SplitIPA - American60
Scaldy PorterPorter - Other561
RolloverIPA - Session / India Session Ale337
Northern LightsIPA - Session / India Session Ale20
Nice DreamIPA - Imperial / Double80
Melody DayTable Beer20
Let It HappenIPA - Imperial / Double865
Leave HomeIPA - International70
Horse PowerIPA - New England60
High CottonBelgian Blonde528
Gravity’s RainbowIPA - Imperial / Double970
Fantasm PlanesPale Ale - American538
Embrace the DaylightIPA - Black / Cascadian Dark Ale60
Drone LogicIPA - Imperial / Double880
Do You Wanna Touch MeIPA - Imperial / Double80
Cream On ChromeIPA - Imperial / Double80
Clap HandsWheat Beer - American Pale Wheat50
Bone MachineIPA - American635
Body RiddlePale Ale - American426
Beer + Art Series 2019 15IPA - Imperial / Double80