Lervig Aktiebryggeri

Lervig is an independently owned and operated craft brewery located in Stavanger Norway. We produce a wide range of beers from easy-drinking pilsners and pale ales, barrel-aged barley wines and sour beers. We are constantly pushing the boundaries of brewing for both everyday people and craft beer lovers alike. Our goals are to brew the best beers in the world, we like to work outside our comfort zone as well as combine our creativity with the years of craft brewing experience that our brewers have. Everyday we work harder to deliver the quality our customers expect from Lervig. Today Lervig is focused on growth – we push the creative limits of brewing while making sure we have a healthy supply of refreshing beers to ship throughout Norway and beyond. Lervig’s people are what makes this brewery even more special; you’ll find an international team within its walls bringing a global perspective our brewing process, and working hard to make sure that Lervig keeps producing the quality craft beers you’ve come to expect.

Bieren die in de selectie van de Beer hebben gezeten

Hoppy Joe
Hoppy Joe

Lervig Aktiebryggeri

Amerikaanse Red Ale 4.7%
Konrad’s Stout
Konrad’s Stout

Lervig Aktiebryggeri

Russian Imperial Stout 10.4%
Perler For Svin
Perler For Svin

Lervig Aktiebryggeri

NEIPA 6.3%
Sour Suzy
Sour Suzy

Lervig Aktiebryggeri

Sour 4%

Alle bekende bieren van Lervig Aktiebryggeri

Bier Bierstijl Alcoholpercentage
Zipper NEPA 5.0%
Winter Ale Winterbier 8.0%
White IPA Witbier IPA 6.0%
White Dog Witbier 4.0%
West Coast Dank Amerikaanse IPA 7.0%
Walnut Porter Porter 5.0%
Toasted Maple Stout Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout 12.0%
Toasted Maple Stout Imperial Pastrystout 12.0%
Toasted Maple Stout 12.0%
TIMES 8 Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Pastrystout 16.0%
TIMES 8 Stout - pastry 16.0%
There’s A Beer In My Fridge, And I Need A Drink Rogge IPA 7.0%
The New Style Internationale IPA 6.0%
Tasty Juice Amerikaanse IPA 6.0%
Sverd i Fjell TIPA 10.0%
Supersonic DIPA 8.0%
Super Fluff Internationale IPA 6.0%
Spiked Seltzer Raspberry & Lime Seltzer 4.0%
Sour Suzy Berliner Weisse 4.0%
Softly Softly Cognac BA Dubbel 6.0%
Softly Softly Vlaams Rood 6.0%
Socks N' Sandals APA 4.0%
Skogen Sour - overig 6.0%
Siste Dans APA 5.0%
Sippin' Into Darkness - Bourbon Barrel Aged Dubbele Milkstout 12.0%
Sippin' Into Darkness Dubbele Milkstout 12.0%
Sawa Yuzu Berliner Weisse met Fruit 3.0%
Sauer'd Krauts Sour - overig 7.0%
Saskatoon Cheesecake Stout Imperial Pastrystout 12.0%
Rye IPA Rogge IPA 8.0%
Rustique - Chardonnay Barrel Aged Farmhouse IPA 6.0%
Rustique Farmhouse IPA 6.0%
Rubinstep Apple Cider Cider - droog 5.0%
Pulp Pineapple Cider Cider - fruited 4.0%
Pop That Cherry Fruited Sour 6.0%
Pineapple Slice DIPA 7.0%
PILS Duits Pils 4.0%
Perler For Svin NEIPA 6.0%
Pepper Johnson Imperial Stout 11.0%
Patio Lanterns NEPA 5.0%
Passion Tang Fruited Sour 7.0%
PARAGON 2019 Engelse Barleywine 13.0%
PARAGON 2018 Engelse Barleywine 13.0%
Original Sin Imperial Pastrystout 13.0%
Orange Velvet IPA APA 5.0%
Off the Rack N°1 By Rackhouse Imperial Stout 14.0%
Oat IPA Amerikaanse IPA 7.0%
Nothing Is For Sure NEDIPA 10.0%
Norwegian Mauler Milkstout 7.0%
No Worries Pineapple Alcoholvrij 0.0%
No Worries Mango Alcoholvrij 0.0%
No Worries Lemon Alcoholvrij 0.0%
No Worries Grapefruit Alcoholvrij 0.0%
No Worries - Driving Home For Christmas Alcoholvrij 0.0%
No Worries Alcoholvrij 0.0%
Nitro Latte Milkstout 6.0%
Nitro Hot Chocolate Stout Dubbele Milkstout 10.0%
Naughty & Nice Dubbelbock 8.0%
Modern Antique Amerikaanse IPA 7.0%
Medicine NETIPA 10.0%
Magellanic Clouds Oud Bruin 3.0%
Lucky Jack Grapefruit Edition APA 4.0%
Lucky Jack Extra Hard Amerikaanse IPA 6.0%
Lucky Jack Black Edition Black IPA 4.0%
Lucky Jack APA 4.0%
Lucky Jack 4.0%
Liquid Sex Robot NEDIPA 7.0%
Leif ESB 6.0%
Lawless Saison - overig 6.0%
Konrad’s Stout Russian Imperial Stout 10.0%
Kjellerpils Zwickel 5.0%
Kentucky Uncommon Sour Sour 6.0%
Kanelsnegle Imperial Pastrystout 12.0%
Johnny Low Session IPA 2.0%
Infinite Timelines NEIPA 7.0%
Infinite Timelines NEIPA 7.0%
Idaho Picnic APA 5.0%
House Party Session IPA 4.0%
Hoppy Joe Amerikaanse Red Ale 4.0%
Hop Drop Sour Zure IPA 6.0%
Hipster For Christmas Engelse Barleywine 12.0%
Hazy Days NEPA 4.0%
God Shot Koffiestout 7.0%
Galaxy IPA Amerikaanse IPA 6.0%
Galaxy Citra Flicker NEPA 5.0%
Fully Evolved Pils 4.0%
Freakshake Milkshake IPA 6.0%
Franconian Haze Dunkelweizen 5.0%
Floating Upside Down Rogge IPA 7.0%
Field Trip Internationale IPA 7.0%
Fat Earl Lager 4.0%
Farmhouse IPA Farmhouse IPA 6.0%
EASY Pale Ale 4.0%
Double Black Tide Black DIPA 8.0%
Dark Orbit Amerikaanse Porter 7.0%
Cucumbeer Fruitbier 4.0%
Coconuts Imperial Pastrystout 12.0%
Christmas Shake Milkshake IPA 5.0%
Check In IPA Amerikaanse IPA 6.0%
Cheap Lunch Imperial Pastrystout 14.0%
Café Sur Berliner Weisse 3.0%
Brut Nature Brut IPA 7.0%
Brewers Reserve Barley Wine (2018) Engelse Barleywine 12.0%
Brewers Reserve Barley Wine (2016) Engelse Barleywine 12.0%
Brewers Reserve Barley Wine (2015) Engelse Barleywine 13.0%
Brewers Reserve Barley Wine (2014) Amerikaanse Barleywine 13.0%
Brewers Reserve Barley Wine Engelse Barleywine 13.0%
Brett Dog Tarwebier - witbier 4.0%
Bourbon Barrel Vanilla WOW Imperial Stout 12.0%
Black Acid Lambiek 8.0%
Big Mouth Session IPA 4.0%
Big Ass Money Stout 2 Dubbele Stout 16.0%
Big Ass Money Stout Dubbele Stout 17.0%
Betty Brown Amerikaanse Brown Ale 4.0%
Beans & Berries Saison - overig 6.0%
Barrel-Aged Salted Caramel Cookie Dough Crunch Imperial Pastrystout 12.0%
Barrel Aged - Granddad Grahams Butter Coffee Imperial Koffiestout 12.0%
Barley Wine (2017) Engelse Barleywine 12.0%
Bad Haircut DIPA 7.0%
Aussie Freeze Pop NEIPA 7.0%
Art Collection V - Iconoclast Quad Quadrupel 9.0%
Art Collection IV - Konrad's Stout Cherry Port BA Russian Imperial Stout 13.0%
Årstid Black Saison Saison - farmhouse 7.0%
Americano A Roma Amerikaanse IPA 6.0%
Acid Crush Belgische IPA 6.0%
3 Bean Stout Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout 12.0%
3 Bean Stout - Rum Barrel Aged (2020) Imperial Stout 12.0%
3 Bean Stout - Bourbon Barrel Aged (2020) Imperial Stout 12.0%
3 Bean Stout Imperial Stout 12.0%
1349 Black Ale Amerikaanse Strong Ale 13.0%
#GrapefulOatIPA Amerikaanse IPA 6.0%

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