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Leithon 834 Limited Edition

Over Leithon 834 Limited Edition

The first archaeological and oldest hop-based beer in the Netherlands? Leithon is different from other beers. It may come from a time when battle-axe wielding Vikings threatened the very existence of the people of Leithon (today: close to Leiden, the Netherlands). The recipe of Leithon is based on an analysis of the content of an amphora (a large stone bottle in which grains or liquids were stocked or transported), which was excavated at a former settlement site dating back to the 9th century. Attributes of the Viking were also discovered at the site, dating back from the time when they entered in this area: 834. Leithon is brewed with ingredient that match the ones discovered in the amphora: barley, hop, juniper berries, walnuts, prunes and green peas. We use species of hop that we know the original inhabitants may have encountered while trading with Germany (the only area where hop was cultivated at that time). Besides ’basic’ malt we added ‘brown’ and ‘hell’ malt to give the beer a more earthly colour and body. The beer has a very rich and complex taste with tones of gin, prunes, nuts, chocolate, caramel and vanille. By bringing this beer back to life we hope to spur a discussions between beer lovers, archaeologists and historians with the purpose of finding an answer to the question: Is this truly the oldest hop-based beer in the Netherlands?

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