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Neon Raptor Brewing Co.

Neon Raptor is all about producing fantastic beers for everyone to enjoy. It started several years ago by brewing some very small batches on the kitchen hob with a Wilko's stock pot, some garden hose and a copper pipe. They turned out pretty awesome, so we decided to see how it matched up against the rest of the home brewing world by entering it into a competition – the Brewdog Nottingham homebrew contest 2015. The beer which we entered won and gave us the encouragement we needed to give brewing a go for real. The first beer we brewed was a newer, better version of the homebrew beer which won the competition. This beer now goes by the name “Endangered”. It is a 6.6% abv porter matured with authentic Kentucky bourbon, American oak and Madagascan vanilla (yes, it’s great!). We started out as a cuckoo/gypsy brewery producing on a small scale since April 2016 and have sent a few different beers out there. During that time, we found what went on to become our new home in Nottingham at Sneinton Market. We finally moved into Sneinton Market in October 2018 and got the first beers, from our very own brew kit, out on sale in March 2018. Since then we have been doing well and are looking to go through an expansion in 2019. This means more beer, better beer and the ability to reproduce some of our great brews on a big enough scale for you to enjoy with us! In Summer 2018 we opened our onsite taproom where you can come and enjoy our beer with us.