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Craft from the Artic Bådin is the story about a group of friends who, in the pursuit of good taste, took the brewing journey from a small apartment out to play with the big boys. Bådin was founded in 2012 by six friends with a common passion for good beer. The plan was initially to produce beer that could be sold in a pop-up bar once a month, but we quickly realized that this would involve a lot of work and not much income, so the original plan was adjusted. A used 800 liter brewery was purchased, and the beer we produced was sold at local bars and restaurants. Up until the recruitment of a full-time brewer in 2015, all our work was done on a voluntary basis. Since then, we have expanded to now have four full-time employees, as well as an ever-increasing production capacity. Our beers can now be ordered at all Vinmonopolet stores in Norway, as well as a number of bars, restaurants, specialty beer stores and grocery stores around the country.