BXL Beerfest 2023

We want to give Brussels the place it deserves at the top of the list of the best beer cities in the world. Many of the world's capital cities already have an internationally acclaimed craft beer festival. Not only should Brussels be included in that list, but it should feature right at the very top. The BXLBeerFest aims to put it there. BXLBeerFest has plenty of international ambition. Beer lovers and enthusiasts from all over the world will be welcome to discover a wide selection of beers from Brussels and from the rest of Belgium as well as from other places around the world (30 breweries). Beer has no boundaries! We have selected only independent breweries who produce nothing but quality craft beers. The best thing is that they’re all friends. We're creating a crossroads where these friends can meet. At BXLBeerFest there is no place for industrial beers. Good, honest beer, straight from the brewer to you! Convivial, easy-going, an environment to enjoy and taste beer... We aim to create a new standard because good, honest beer deserves your full attention. Delivered by us in a professional way and tasted by you in a relaxed atmosphere. That's the way we do it in Brussels! Beer. But not only that. Beer AND good food: it goes together like malt and hops. Culinary, gastronomic, authentic... We’ll give beer the culinary recognition it deserves at the BXLBeerFest.

Van: 30-09-2023 12:00

Tot: 01-10-2023 21:00

Prijs: € 22.0

Havenlaan 86C

1000 te Brussel

In - Belgie

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Atelier Vrai
Uncharted Brew Co.
Vysočany, Praag
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