Walhalla Craft Beer


Welcome to Walhalla! Heaven's naughty nephew. Where the beer flows, the songs are merry, and the neighbors complain about the noise. This is the place you want to go to once you’re dead. Hell, this is the place you want to be now! But how do you get in? Well, Walhalla is not like any other heaven. To get in you have to be brave, courageous, and unbelievable thirsty. You have to be a hero, fallen in battle. A battle about land, a battle about love. And in this Walhalla, these bold women and men raise their glasses To strife. And to fail miserably. Cheers! To Walhalla!

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Wij krijgen van alle brouwers de nieuwste en beste bieren die passen in dat seizoen. Deze bieren hebben we tot nu toe van Walhalla Craft Beer in een box gestopt.

Heimdall Imperial Rye Bock

Walhalla Craft Beer

Bock 8.5%

Walhalla Craft Beer

Witbier 4,4%