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Varvar Brew

It all has started with a dream. OK, let's be honest, it's started with a glass of beer. Brewed by someone else. Dream big. Always dream big, you know. We started small because at the beginning the only thing we had was our dream. We haven't owned any equipment, so our first brews were born at other city and other mash tun entirely. But we took one step at the time and soon our very own, very handcrafted and assembled by hand brewery arrived from Bila Tserkva. We installed it here in Kyiv at the premises of the former lumber house – “lisopylka” in Ukrainian, hence the name of the brew-pub – and continued the pursuit of our dream. Today we have new state-of-the-art brewery and immensely proud of it. Don't think that we discarded our small but utterly loved old brewing system, because we have, yes you've guessed, BIG plans for it. And we keep on dreaming big. We just want to share this dream of better beer, sheer enjoyment of the drink, greater and more diverse beer culture, share it with you.