MARTIN AND I (JAMES) WERE BORED OF THE INDUSTRIALLY BREWED LAGERS AND STUFFY ALES THAT DOMINATED THE UK BEER MARKET. We decided the best way to fix this undesirable predicament was to brew our own. Consequently in April 2007 BrewDog was born. Both only 24 at the time, we leased a building in Fraserburgh, got some scary bank loans, spent all our money on stainless steel and started making some hardcore craft beers. We brewed tiny batches, filled bottles by hand and sold our beers at local markets and out of the back of our beat up old van. Our biggest mission when we set up BrewDog was to make other people as passionate about great craft beer as we are. And that is still our biggest mission today.

Bieren die in de selectie van de Beer hebben gezeten

Nanny State
Nanny State


Engelse Pale Ale 0.5%

Alle bekende bieren van Brewdog

Bier Bierstijl Alcoholpercentage
Zombie Cake Amerikaanse Porter 5%
Zombie Cake Engelse Porter 5%
Zip Code Zwickel 4%
Zephyr - V3 Pina Colada Edition Fruited Sour 4%
Zephyr - V2 Lime Gose Edition Gose 4%
Zephyr - V1 Citrus Tart Edition Pale Ale 4%
Zeitgeist Donkere Lager 4%
White Out NEIPA 6%
Walking Dead Rambling Society Brut IPA 6%
Wake Up Call Alcoholvrij 0%
Vinyl Vigilante Milkstout 7%
Vermont Vampire Black IPA 7%
Velvet Vengeance Amerikaanse Stout 8%
Vagabond Glutenvrij 4%
Unleash The Yeast: Pilsen Lager APA 6%
Unleash The Yeast: Belgian Trappist Speciale Belge 6%
Unleash The Yeast: Bavarian Weizen Kristalweizen 6%
Unleash The Yeast: American Ale APA 6%
U-Boat Gerookt bier 8%
Two Way Street NEIPA 5%
Tsar Struck Russian Imperial Stout 9%
Triple Hazy NETIPA 9%
Trashy Blonde Blond 4%
Transatlantic Telegram NEDIPA 8%
Tower Hill Pale Ale: Fanzine Edition APA 4%
Totem Imperial Red Ale 7%
Tony's Hopolonely Milkshake IPA 6%
Tokyo* Death Imperial Stout 15%
Tokyo* (2016) Imperial Stout 18%
Tokyo* (18.2%) Dubbele Stout 18%
Tokyo* (16.5%) (2017) Dubbele Stout 16%
Tokyo* (16.5%) (2016) Imperial Stout 16%
Tokyo* (16.5%) (2015) Dubbele Stout 16%
Tokyo* (16.5%) Imperial Stout 16%
Tiramisu Crew Imperial Stout 12%
This. Is. Lager. Pils 4%
The Physics Amerikaanse Red Ale 5%
The Dark & Dirty Disciples Stout 5%
Ten Ton Truck Vietnamese Coffee Imperial Koffiestout 10%
Ten Ton Truck - Vietnamese Coffee Edition Imperial Stout 10%
Ten Ton Truck - Espresso Edition Imperial Haverstout 10%
Ten Ton Truck - Christmas Edition Imperial Stout 13%
Ten Ton Truck - Black Forest Edition Imperial Stout 10%
Technicolor Black Black IPA 6%
Tactical Nuclear Penguin Vriesgedestilleerd Bier 32%
Stratospheric Milkshake IPA 7%
Straight Up Amerikaanse IPA 6%
Sticky Black Amerikaanse Barleywine 11%
Steve's Job "Dutch Drafts" Gerookt bier 5%
Speedbird 100 Session IPA 4%
SOS (May Day) Meibock 6%
Sonic Temple Amerikaanse IPA 5%
Sonic Boom V4 - French-hopped IPA Internationale IPA 6%
Sonic Boom V1 - New German Hop IPA Internationale IPA 6%
Snow Ball Lager 4%
Small Screen Hero APA 5%
Small Batch: Vienna Lager Vienna Lager 4%
Small Batch: Vermont IPA NEIPA 7%
Small Batch: Tangerine Zephyr Sour 4%
Small Batch: Loral Lager Lager 4%
Small Batch: Juicy IPA Amerikaanse IPA 6%
Small Batch: Imperial Pilsner Imperial Pils 6%
Small Batch: English IPA Engelse IPA 5%
Small Batch: American IPA Amerikaanse IPA 8%
Small Batch Session Pale Weizen Weizen 4%
Slot Machine Rogge IPA 5%
Sink The Bismarck! Vriesgedestilleerd Bier 41%
Silk Road NEIPA 6%
Shipwrecker Circus Amerikaanse Barleywine 10%
Ship Wreck Amerikaanse Strong Ale 13%
Session IPL IPL 4%
Serial Imperial DIPA 8%
Semi-Skimmed Occultist Oatmeal Stout 8%
Self Assembly Pope Porter 7%
Sea Weasel Shanty Oesterstout 7%
Scarlet Fever Saison 5%
Santa Paws Scotch Ale Schots Bier 4%
San Diego Scotch Ale Scotch Ale 11%
Rye Hammer Rogge IPA 7%
Russian Doll Pale Ale APA 4%
Russian Doll IPA Amerikaanse IPA 6%
Russian Doll Double IPA DIPA 8%
Russian Doll Barleywine Amerikaanse Barleywine 10%
Rip Tide Imperial Stout 8%
Restorative Beverage For Invalids And Convalescents Engelse IPA 8%
Renaissance Imperial Braggot Braggot 16%
Red & Dead Imperial Red Ale 8%
Raspberry Rivet Cream Ale 6%
Raspberry Blitz - Alcohol Free Sour Alcoholvrij 0%
Radler Radler 2%
Radio Zombie Phone-In Russian Imperial Stout 14%
Quench Quake Fruited Sour 4%
Punk Pale Ale APA 4%
Punk IPA Original Amerikaanse IPA 6%
Punk IPA Amerikaanse IPA 5%
Punk AF Alcoholvrij 0%
Pumpkin King Pompoenbier 5%
Pumpkin Head Pompoenbier 5%
Pump Action Poet Amerikaanse IPA 7%
Pulp Patriot V4: Single Hop Double IPA Milkshake DIPA 9%
Pulp Patriot V3 - Raspberry Dry-hop Edition Milkshake DIPA 9%
Pulp Patriot V2 - Double Dry-Hop Edition NEDIPA 9%
Pulp Patriot Milkshake DIPA 9%
Pulp Patriot Milkshake DIPA 9%
Pudding Face Milkstout 6%
Prototype Tangerine Session IPA Session IPA 4%
Prototype Maple Stout Stout 7%
Prototype Double IPA DIPA 8%
Prototype Black Rye IPA Black IPA 6%
Prime Time Session IPA 4%
Porridge Head APA 4%
Piña Playa Gose - Fruited 5%
Pilot Brew 012 Braggot 4%
Pilot Brew 009 Sour - overig 6%
Passionista NEIPA 7%
Passionfruit Popsicle Parade Alcoholvrij 0%
Paradox Uncle Duke's Russian Imperial Stout 13%
Paradox Rye Imperial Stout 15%
Paradox Isle Of Arran (15%) Imperial Stout 15%
Paradox Islay (2016) Dubbele Stout 15%
Paradox Islay Imperial Stout 13%
Paradox Heaven Hill Dubbele Stout 15%
Paradox Grain (2020) Imperial Stout 13%
Paradox Grain (2018) Dubbele Stout 13%
Paradox Compass Box Dubbele Stout 15%
Pale Ale APA 4%
Origami Outlaw APA 5%
Origami Orangutan DIPA 8%
Opaque Jake V2 NEIPA 7%
Opaque Jake NEIPA 7%
Old World Russian Imperial Stout (2018 edition) Russian Imperial Stout 9%
Old World Russian Imperial Stout Russian Imperial Stout 9%
Off-Duty King Imperial Stout 13%
Off-Duty Clown APA 5%
Off-Duty Alien Amerikaanse IPA 6%
Not Another Damned Saison Saison - farmhouse 5%
Nine To Five Wizard Weizenbock 7%
New England IPA V2 NEDIPA 8%
Neon Overlord Gepeperd bier 7%
Nebula Russian Imperial Stout 10%
Naughty List Dubbele Milkstout 8%
Native Son DIPA 8%
Nanny State (1.1% ABV) Alcoholvrij 1%
Nanny State Alcoholvrij 0%
Mr. President DIPA 9%
Moshi Moshi 15 APA 5%
Monk Hammer Amerikaanse IPA 7%
Mix Tape 8 DIPA 14%
Mistletoe Mafia Vienna Lager 4%
Mind Game Amerikaanse IPA 6%
Milk Stout Milkstout 4%
Mercurial Mælk Dubbele Milkstout 12%
Melancholy Selfie Dubbele Stout 10%
Manic Mango Amerikaanse IPA 6%
Mangopolis Brut IPA 6%
Mallow Martian Dubbele Milkstout 10%
Mallow Mafia Dubbele Milkstout 12%
Mallow Laser Quest Milkshake IPA 6%
Make Earth Great Again Saison - farmhouse 7%
Mail Order Martian Milkshake IPA 7%
Magic Stone Dog Saison - farmhouse 5%
Low Hanging Helles Helles 2%
Lost Lager Pils 4%
Lost AF Alcoholvrij 0%
Lost Pils 4%
Lonestar Gazer Gepeperd bier 6%
Lock Down Guava & Grapefruit Duits Pils 4%
Lizard Bride Amerikaanse IPA 5%
LIVE East Coast Crush NEIPA 4%
LIVE Dead Pony Club APA 3%
LIVE Dead Metaphor Koffiestout 6%
LIVE 5AM Saint Amerikaanse Red Ale 5%
Light Speed Session IPA 4%
Libertine Black Ale Black IPA 7%
Lemon Meringue IPA Milkshake IPA 7%
Layer Cake Stout - pastry 7%
Konnichiwa Kitsune DIPA 8%
Kirsche Kaiser Berliner Weisse met Fruit 3%
Kingpin Duits Pils 4%
King’s Shilling Scotch Ale 8%
King of Eights V4 - German Hop Edition NEIPA 7%
King of Eights V3 - Triple Dry-Hop Edition Amerikaanse IPA 7%
King of Eights V2 - Double Dry-Hop Edition NEIPA 7%
King of Eights V1 - East Coast IPA NEIPA 6%
Karma Cloud Amerikaanse IPA 6%
Kamikaze Knitting Club Amerikaanse Stout 7%
Juice Shack Milkshake IPA 4%
Jinx Pale Ale V1 - Washington Hop Edition APA 4%
Jet Trash V2 Double Dry Hop Edition Amerikaanse IPA 6%
Jet Trash - V1 West Coast IPA Amerikaanse IPA 6%
Jet Trash Amerikaanse IPA 7%
Jet Stream Pale Ale 4%
Jet Black Heart Milkstout 4%
Jagged Edge Amerikaanse IPA 5%
Jack Hammer Amerikaanse IPA 7%
IPA Is Dead Waimea Amerikaanse IPA 6%
IPA Is Dead Vic Secret Amerikaanse IPA 7%
IPA Is Dead Pioneer Amerikaanse IPA 7%
IPA Is Dead Pioneer 7%
IPA Is Dead Mandarina Bavaria Amerikaanse IPA 7%
IPA Is Dead Mandarina Bavaria 7%
IPA Is Dead Kohatu Amerikaanse IPA 7%
IPA Is Dead Goldings Amerikaanse IPA 6%
IPA Is Dead EXP 366 Amerikaanse IPA 7%
IPA Is Dead Ella Amerikaanse IPA 7%
IPA Is Dead El Dorado Amerikaanse IPA 6%
IPA Is Dead Dana Amerikaanse IPA 6%
IPA Is Dead Comet Amerikaanse IPA 7%
IPA Is Dead Chinook Amerikaanse IPA 7%
IPA Is Dead Amarillo (7.2%) Amerikaanse IPA 7%
Interstate Vienna Lager 4%
Instamatic Witbier IPA 4%
Indie Pale Ale 4%
India Pale Weizen Weizen 6%
I Hardcore You DIPA 9%
Humulus Helmsman Amerikaanse IPA 5%
Hug Convention NEIPA 7%
House Pale Ale APA 4%
Hoppy Christmas (4.2%) Amerikaanse IPA 4%
Hoppy Christmas Amerikaanse IPA 7%
Hoppy Christmas Amerikaanse IPA 6%
Hopped-Up Brown Ale Amerikaanse Brown Ale 6%
Hop Shot Vriesgedestilleerd Bier 20%
Hop Shop DIPA 9%
Hop Rocker IPL 5%
Hop Rocker Lager 5%
Hop Fiction Pale Ale APA 5%
Hop Fiction (2018) APA 4%
Hop Fiction APA 4%
Homicidal Puppet Helpdesk Engelse Barleywine 11%
Homecoming Amerikaanse IPA 7%
Hinterland Barrel Aged EFP Imperial Milkstout 10%
Hinterland Dubbele Haverstout 9%
Hello My Name Is Vladimir DIPA 8%
Hello My Name is Mette Marit DIPA 8%
Hello My Name Is Marianne DIPA 8%
Hello My Name Is Little Ingrid Amerikaanse IPA 4%
Hello My Name is Lieke DIPA 8%
Hello My Name Is Ingrid DIPA 8%
Hello My Name Is Holy Moose Amerikaanse IPA 5%
Heist Monkey APA 5%
Hazy Jane NEIPA 5%
Hazy AF Alcoholvrij 0%
Hardcore Mælk Black & Tan 10%
Hardcore IPA DIPA 9%
Get Out Claus Imperial Stout 8%
Fool's Gold Dortmunder Export 5%
Flux Factory Amerikaanse IPA 6%
Flat-Pack Fruit Bat Fruitbier 6%
Fifty Fifty Radler 2%
FAKE Lager Tsjechisch Pils 4%
Fake Empire Zure IPA 6%
Equity for Punks (2011) Black IPA 7%
Elvis Juice V2.0 Amerikaanse IPA 6%
Elvis Juice V1.0 Amerikaanse IPA 6%
Elvis Juice 6.5% Amerikaanse IPA 6%
Elvis Juice Amerikaanse IPA 5%
Elvis Hammer Amerikaanse IPA 6%
Elvis AF Alcoholvrij 0%
Electric India Farmhouse IPA 5%
Eight-Bit NEDIPA 8%
East Coast Crush NEIPA 4%
Duopolis Milkshake IPA 4%
Dry-Hopped Dortmunder Export Dortmunder Export 5%
Double Punk DIPA 8%
Double Hazy NEIPA 7%
Double Agent Amerikaanse IPA 7%
Double A DIPA 9%
Dogtoberfest Märzen 5%
Dogma Scotch Ale Scotch Ale 7%
Dogma Scotch Ale 7%
Dog Wired Imperial Pils 7%
Dog I Imperial Stout 15%
Dog H Imperial Stout 16%
Dog G Imperial Stout 17%
Dog F Imperial Stout 17%
Dog E Imperial Stout 16%
Dog D Imperial Stout 16%
Dog C Dubbele Stout 15%
Dog B Imperial Stout 15%
Dog A Imperial Stout 15%
Devine Rebel 2010 Engelse Barleywine 13%
Declassified Demi-God Imperial Milkstout 14%
Death of Spring DIPA 7%
Deaf Mermaid Engelse Pale Ale 4%
Dead Pony Club Session IPA 3%
Dead Famous Pale Ale APA 4%
Dead Empire DIPA 9%
Cybernaut Session IPA 4%
Confectionist Perfectionist Stout - pastry 6%
Coin-Op Kaiser Imperial Pils 6%
Coffee Caramel Curfew Amerikaanse Porter 5%
Coffee and Cigarettes Imperial Stout 12%
Coconut Shy Pale Ale APA 4%
Cocoa Psycho Espresso Imperial Stout 10%
Cocoa Psycho Russian Imperial Stout 10%
Clown King (Fanzine edition) Amerikaanse Barleywine 12%
Clown King Amerikaanse Barleywine 12%
Clouded Clarity Lager 4%
Cloud Cartel NEIPA 5%
Closed Circuit Amerikaanse IPA 6%
Clockwork Session IPA 4%
Clean & Press White Peach & Mango Seltzer 5%
Christmas Paradox 2012 Dubbele Stout 15%
Choco Libre Nitro Imperial Stout 8%
Choco Libre Imperial Haverstout 8%
Chili Hammer Gepeperd bier 7%
Chaos Theory Amerikaanse IPA 7%
Caramel Carousel Scotch Ale 8%
Candy Kaiser Alt 5%
Brutalist Brut IPA 6%
Brixton Porter Engelse Porter 5%
BrewDog Vs Verdant: Sheena Amerikaanse IPA 6%
BrewDog VS Oedipus: Neverland IPL 5%
BrewDog vs Northern Monk: The Vermont Sessions NEIPA 5%
BrewDog VS North Brewing: All Roads Lead North Dubbele Milkstout 7%
BrewDog VS Modern Times: Future Proof Amerikaanse IPA 6%
BrewDog VS Mikkeller: Urban Fog NEIPA 6%
BrewDog VS Fierce: Very Big Moose Imperial Stout 12%
BrewDog VS Fierce Beer - Neighbourhood Imperial Porter 9%
BrewDog VS Cloudwater: New England IPA NEIPA 6%
BrewDog VS Buxton - Deep Slumber Imperial Porter 8%
BrewDog VS Bearded Iris: Multitrack NEDIPA 8%
BrewDog – O-G Hazy New England IPA NEIPA 7%
Bourbon Baby Schots Bier 5%
Bounty Hunter Porter 6%
Born To Die Prototype 01.02.2017 DIPA 9%
Born To Die 31.08.2016 DIPA 8%
Born To Die 27.11.2015 DIPA 8%
Born To Die 18.08.2016 DIPA 8%
Born To Die 17.03.2017 DIPA 9%
Born To Die 14.05.2016 DIPA 8%
Born To Die 13.09.2018 DIPA 8%
Born To Die 13.05.2017 DIPA 8%
Born To Die 05.05.2019 DIPA 8%
Blueberry Popsicle Parade Alcoholvrij 0%
Blitz Strawberry & Vanilla Berliner Weisse 3%
Blitz Strawberry Berliner Weisse 3%
Blitz Gin Berliner Weisse 3%
Blitz Blackberry Berliner Weisse 3%
Black Tokyo* Horizon Dubbele Stout 15%
Black IPA Black IPA 5%
Black Hammer Black IPA 7%
Black Eyed King Imp Vietnamese Coffee Edition Imperial Koffiestout 12%
Black Eyed Barista Koffiestout 10%
Bitch Please Engelse Barleywine 12%
Berliner Dunkel Munich Dunkel 5%
Beetle Mania Barleywine 11%
Bauble Head Amerikaanse IPA 7%
Basic Shake Milkshake IPA 4%
Barrel Aged Clown King Amerikaanse Barleywine 13%
Barrel Aged Albino Squid Assassin Rogge IPA 9%
Baltic Fleet Baltic Porter 7%
Baltic Bandit Baltic Porter 6%
Baby Dogma Schots Bier 4%
B Side: Yuzu Berliner Berliner Weisse met Fruit 4%
B Side: Red Ale Amerikaanse Red Ale 4%
B Side: Mango & Habanero Barleywine Amerikaanse Barleywine 10%
B Side: Black IPA Black IPA 5%
B Side: Belgian Fruit Ale Fruitbier 5%
Arcade Nation Black IPA 5%
Anarchist Alchemist TIPA 16%
American Dream Amerikaanse IPA 7%
Alter Ego DIPA 8%
Aloha Stout (USA) Milkstout 11%
Aloha Dubbele Milkstout 11%
Alice Porter - Enigmatic Nitro Porter Baltic Porter 6%
Alice Porter Baltic Porter 5%
ALD IPA Session IPA 4%
Albino Squid Assassin Rogge IPA 7%
Al Abordaje! Barleywine 9%
Adopt A Bastard Amerikaanse Strong Ale 7%
Ace of Simcoe Session IPA 4%
Ace of Equinox Session IPA 4%
Ace of Citra Session IPA 4%
Ace of Chinook Session IPA 4%
Abstrakt AB:27 Dubbele Stout 11%
Abstrakt AB:26 Imperial Stout 11%
Abstrakt AB:25 Barleywine 13%
Abstrakt AB:24 Imperial Baltic Porter 12%
Abstrakt AB:23 Amerikaanse Barleywine 11%
Abstrakt AB:22 Imperial Stout 12%
Abstrakt AB:21 Dubbele Haverstout 12%
Abstrakt AB:20 Amerikaanse Barleywine 14%
Abstrakt AB:19 Saison - farmhouse 13%
Abstrakt AB:18 Imperial Brown Ale 11%
Abstrakt AB:17 Imperial Porter 10%
Abstrakt AB:16 Quad 10%
Abstrakt AB:14 Weizenbock 10%
Abstrakt AB:11 Amerikaanse Barleywine 12%
77 Lager Lager 4%
5AM Saint Amerikaanse Red Ale 5%
30 Day IPA Amerikaanse IPA 6%
#MashTag 2019 Imperial Red Ale 9%
#MashTag 2018 APA 5%
#MashTag 2016 TIPA 10%
#MashTag 2015 Engelse Barleywine 10%
#MashTag 2014 Imperial Red Ale 9%
#MashTag 2013 Amerikaanse Brown Ale 7%
BrewDog VS Turning Point: Chip Hazard APA 5%

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