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It's the year 2120, your brain has been transferred to a T1000 looking like Robert Patrick and there's a blistering (nuclear) storm going on outside. But you don't want to get your metal wet. So what better way to spend the afternoon than to pour yourself an 'I'll be bock', lay down the rocket launcher for a moment and sink into the couch while enjoying the subtle flavours of toasted caramel and good ol' fashioned German hops. Don't worry, you'll be bock.

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Score (van max 5) Door Op
1.0 Robje82 20-09-2019 om 22:09 uur
3.5 halarm 24-04-2020 om 13:50 uur
3.0 Kenarie 04-11-2018 om 18:45 uur
3.75 Materazzi 15-11-2018 om 18:34 uur
3.5 Ruben2611 20-02-2020 om 21:20 uur
3.25 ShiftMinor 31-12-2019 om 21:31 uur
3.5 Kevinesch 22-10-2018 om 20:33 uur
3.25 petervanbeelen 22-11-2019 om 17:10 uur
3.0 StefanHol 31-12-2018 om 17:50 uur
3.75 WillemSchoonebeek 22-11-2019 om 17:41 uur
3.25 Gaastra 18-10-2018 om 20:19 uur
2.5 RobViep 11-11-2018 om 21:23 uur
4.0 batiaan 04-10-2018 om 20:30 uur
3.25 JorntH94 06-11-2018 om 22:14 uur
3.5 mwout 27-10-2018 om 17:17 uur

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